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PackageX Scan & Track takes the hassle out of package management through a simple photo. Our artificial intelligence handles the rest.

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Just take a photo of the label

When packages get delivered, your staff simply needs to use the PackageX Scan & Track app to take a photo and we handle the rest, no external hardware is necessary. We keep it simple.

Send instant notifications and reminders

Once a package is scanned, PackageX Scan & Track sends an instant notification of package arrival through email, SMS or Slack. It even sends automatic reminders, in case a pickup is forgotten.

End to end transparency

Track packages from delivery to pick up

Tracking a package through PackageX Scan & Track's administrator dashboard is as easy as entering a name, carrier, tracking number or any piece of information written on the label. The dashboard displays a view of everything from the original label photo to the recipient's signature, keeping the process transparent and secure.

Smart suggestions make life easier

If a package scan cannot identify a recipient in your organization, PackageX Scan & Track's artificial intelligence will display a list of smart suggestions to help your staff find a match. Choosing from a smart suggestion will create a contact connection making similar scans in the future, seamless.

Signatures for peace of mind

PackageX Scan & Track requires signatures at the time of package pickup and saves the signature within the admin dashboard so you can rest assured that the correct package is picked up by the correct recipient.

Built-in chat gets questions answered in real-time

The PackageX Scan & Track's administrator dashboard allows your staff to instantly communicate with members of your organization and vice-versa so that questions and problems can be handled quickly and efficiently.

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